Kanawha County Public Library Support (Recap)

After nearly two years of renovation, the new and improved Kanawha County Public Library opened in May 2022, and recently held an Opening Reception to showcase the new space. As the agency that completed the title work and wrote the title insurance for the project, BesTitle was thrilled to be included in the gala.

The Office Manager for the BesTitle Charleston Office, Kim Buckner says, “I was so pleased that BesTitle could be a part of this reimagined library.  This facility incorporates the old with the new and is a wonderful addition to our city.“

Kim and Bob Skeen, Underwriting Counsel for BesTitle, enjoyed the evening, and definitely enjoy a sense of pride for being involved in such a meaningful project for the community. Kim notes, “When I visit this facility, I do so with pride knowing that BesTitle was able to assist our community in this beautiful transformation.”

Closed since March 2020, the Main Library underwent a massive two-year makeover which includes renovations to the existing floors, a Sky Bridge over Quarrier Street, and over 20,000 square feet of new space. The renovation was funded entirely through private donations that totaled over $32 million dollars, making it one of the biggest private construction projects in the nation.

The new Kanawha County Public Library Main Library is home to the Idea Lab, which has 3D Printers and virtual reality (VR) technology available to patrons, as well as the only Tool Library in West Virginia, a coffee shop run by Mea Cuppa, and much more.

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