Cell Phone Tips for Realtors

As a busy real estate agent, your cell phone is likely your professional lifeline. While cell phones help you maintain and grow your business, there are some basic etiquette tips to ensure that you are considerate of both your clients on the other end of the call and the public around you. Let’s take a look at a few cell phone tips for realtors.

  • Smile when answering the phone – Smiling, even if no one is looking, instantly lifts your mood. It makes you more likely to answer client questions and requests more enthusiastically. And, the caller will be able to sense your enthusiasm for the call. 
  • Begin with your name – Answering the call with your name ensures the caller doesn’t have to wonder whether they dialed the correct number and makes you more efficient in conducting business. 
  • Be available (when possible) – In meetings with your sellers or buyers make every attempt to give them your full, undivided attention during your appointment and resist taking calls that may come in during that time. If you’re expecting an urgent call during the meeting, let the client know that you have left your phone on as you are waiting for a call you must answer. With that said … 
  • Be mindful of missed calls – If it is necessary to miss a call, particularly from a client, make an effort to return the missed call as soon as possible. You also might want to consider creating a custom text that is sent if you must decline a call. This will make the caller feel valued and know that you will be back in touch as soon as possible.  
  • Respect those around you – You may need to stay connected at all times, but there are limits to when and where you should use a cellphone. While it may be acceptable to talk on your phone while walking down the street, other places—like restaurants, places of religious worship, public transportation, or movie theaters—should remain off-limits for cell phone use.
  • Maintain confidentiality – Never discuss confidential client information over the cell phone in a public place. Move to a private space to take a potentially confidential call. Ideally, make an effort to schedule such calls for times when you know you’ll be in the office or at home.

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