Best Closings Where and When You Need It

In a real estate transaction, the title company generally functions as the settlement agent for all parties including the buyer, the seller, the mortgage lender and any other parties involved in the transaction. There are an incredible number of details involved in buying and selling real estate, and title companies, like BesTitle, are responsible for the closing process from start to finish.

At BesTitle, we believe that we stand out from others in our industry due to our genuine, professional service and exemplary communication throughout the process. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner serving lenders, realtors, and neighbors. 

In fact, BesTitle has completed tens of thousands of real estate transactions since 1991. And not only does our team feel like family, we extend that personal touch to each one of our clients, placing a high value on the relationships that we build throughout our communities. 

We are here to meet your needs in a variety of ways, including the convenience of offering closings where and when you need it. These are a few of our favorite “closing stories” that demonstrate just how committed the BesTitle team is to ensuring a successful closing each and every time. 

From Escrow Officer Alene Baldwin – Huntington, WV Office

I had a scenario where some documents required to be signed at closing were delayed. My buyer waited for an hour in the office while we tried to get the situation resolved. When it became clear we weren’t going to receive the documents by 5pm, I reached out to Tim Jamison, BesTitle’s COO. 

Tim talked to the buyer, exchanged phone numbers, and told Mr. Buyer that the second we received the documents needed, Tim would call and meet him in the office. Our buyer was so nervous because if the file didn’t close that day, it would cause some issues with his loan.

Later that evening the documents came through and Tim called Mr. Buyer back into the office, late at night, to conduct the closing.

From Escrow Officer Kristin Pena, Spencer, WV Office

We always try to help buyers or sellers when it comes to accommodating a date and time for closing. Weekend closings have been very successful!

From Escrow Officer Heather Elbert, Charleston, WV

Weekend closings? Not a problem. 

  • We conducted a refinance closing on a Sunday to accommodate a spouse who was being sent overseas for several months.
  • We hosted a closing on a Saturday to accommodate a buyer who lived out of state,  would be traveling a long distance to purchase a home and preferred to attend closing in person.

Going above and beyond, and making a new friend.

I had a closing with two sisters as the sellers, one of whom had been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and was not very keen on driving into Charleston. I happen to live about an hour from Charleston myself, and I noticed that her PO Box address was in a town I regularly passed on my way home. I called her and asked if it would be helpful for me to come to her home to allow her to sign her documents. She said yes, gave me her street address and we set it up for 6:30pm. 

And I am proud to say it all worked out perfectly. She even gave me some homemade peanut brittle and invited me to come over and use her pool in the summer.

The closing went smoothly and she’s in chemo now. We are Facebook friends, and we even text every now and then when I check in to see how she’s feeling.

From a Mortgage Loan Officer – Bridgeport, WV

Crystal Rollins drove more than 45 minutes to get a sign off on a first right of refusal document to ensure it didn’t hold us up. Heather Gentile, Esq. and Crystal also worked through a mistake that was made years ago by a competitor when that closing office refused to help. We had to get this loan closed due to the rate expiring. I am not going to say that Bridgeport BesTitle was the only reason we got this loan closed, but if it was not for your company and the amazing people you have employed, it wouldn’t have been possible. 

Our expertly trained staff is here to help you with your closing from start to finish – no matter when or where it might need to be. Contact us today.

"Excellent job, very communicative and organized. Thank you!"

Matthew D. - Seller - WV

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"We have closed on three properties in the past two months. You are by far the easiest to deal with! Thanks so much for making the process easy."

David M. - WV

01 02 03

"Great company and service. They helped us to close on our house quickly and answered all questions that we had. Would definitely recommend..."

Nichole S. - Huntington, WV

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